2007 Nissan Bevel Concept Debuts at the 2007 NAIAS

Nissan has unveiled their Bevel Concept at the recent 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Bevel Concept is not conventional vehicle and you can easily tell by its door and window layout. It is a four-door vehicle which includes an extra long door located on the driver’s side, a rear hatch, and an expansive twin doors on the passenger side, and rear suicide style opening.

The back hatch with its picture window size glass is built-in into the roof to create a cavernous opening. The hatch providing a full-six feet tailgate style work bench that extends outward and have a height of approximately two inches off the ground. Nissan said that the tailgate style work bench is strong enough to sit or stand on.

The Bevel concept has a wheelbase that measures four inches longer than the Murano crossover which is another vehicle in Nissan’s lineup and was presented last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Bevel has also relatively short overhangs with a surprisingly small overall footprint that is just 173.2 inches from nose to tail. To make up for the things that it lacks, the Bevel is provided with a bigger interior space.

With its seats up the cabin is divided into three distinct zones. The driver is provided with a futuristic looking bucket that can pass for a home in a remake of the Jetsons. Another great feature of the Bevel Concept is its seats can be folded flat to accommodate additional loads, luggage or cargoes.

The Bevel is loaded with lots of electronic gadgets ranging from its glass roof-mounted solar panels to its drive-by-wire steering, throttle, and braking. Its 20-inch wheels that features rubber inserts on the outer spoke edges enhance the Bevel’s aesthetic appeal while at the same time protects against curb damage.

There is nothing conventional with the Bevel Concept its asymmetric glass roof with its distinctive puck-shaped tie downs up to its yoke style steering wheel screams exclusivity. And that’s not all! Both headlights & tail lights are hidden same with its rear LCD lamps that are concealed under the paint job. Car gadget lovers will definitely have fun with the not so ordinary door handles that the Bevel Concept is equipped with–this car is provided with touch-sensitive release keypads.

According to Bruce Campbell, Vice President of Design at Nissan Design America and the automaker’s styling connoisseur in La Jolla, California, “Our goal in designing the Bevel exterior was to maximize functionality and minimize the use of visual distractions such as door handles, big exhaust pipes, or splashy lighting. At the same time, we wanted the little details to reflect Bevel’s utility theme, which is why there is a recurring use of hexagons in the vehicle’s design – reminiscent of a socket or a tool – in the wheels, grille, and even the disc brake venting.”

The Bevel Concept is not yet due for production but some of its design cues and technical features may just make it to production.–Hopefully.