Land Rover LRX Concept to Become 2011 MY Range Rover

Land Rover confirmed that the Land Rover LRX Concept that debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in January has been approved for production, and will emerge as the 2011 MY Range Rover.

This Rover is built on the same platform as the Freelander, yet it is the smallest and most compact option of the Range Rover line-up. While the concept featured 2 doors, the real-deal will have 5-because luxurious or not, this is an SUV and doors are an integral part of its convenience and rugged usage. Also, the front bumper has been slightly revamped from the concept version. Other than these and perhaps some minor tweaks, the basic design elements of the LRX concept will make it into production.

The more diminutive and less obtrusive 2011 version is the brand’s most economical and environmental option to date. Some of the green bragging points include a 150 g/km of CO2 emissions, or an astonishing 50 miles per gallon highway.

As the concepts continue to evolve, there is hope toward even more drastic improvements, such as 120 g/km, which would boost fuel consumption to an even more incredible 60 miles per gallon. The company is confronting the need to steer away from traditional specs, and to evolve into a future of continuously greener methods of manufacturing and operating.

The luxury company continues to impress as a forward-thinking luxury brand, maintaining its position well above the curve. Whether you own a Range Rover, Land Rover, or enjoy the occasional Range Rover rental, it is a company who has branded its way into our lives.