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The Best Places to Show Off Your Car

With so many cars on the road these days, we see the familiar shapes and colours drifting into each other and become just one more mundane car. But for groups of auto enthusiasts, a car means so much more than something to get from A to B, it is a way of showing your personality, or of bringing something back to life, or even a piece of art.

These small groups of people around the country spend hours, days and even years creating their own private masterpieces and gain immense pride from the slightest complement to all their hard work, not to mention the thousands of dollars they spend in the process. So where are the best places to go to see these custom cars?

Many owners are members of clubs which organise runs or tours to a specific point where they will stop for breakfast, lunch or even just the scenic outlook, and most are happy for the public to take a look around their vehicles.

Another common type of event which are increasing in frequency is the Car ‘Show N Shine’ an organised even usually held in a public park or sports ground where a large number of different types cars will convene to compete for a ‘Best of Show’ title. The public are usually granted admission to such event for a small fee, and are able to browse the vehicles for a few hours.

An increasingly popular event is the regular Friday or Saturday Night Cruise where a large number of different vehicles will meet at a set point, these type of meets are not officially conducted by any one group and tend to grow with popularity through word of mouth, and the standard of vehicles attending varies widely.

One of the newer concepts is the ‘MySpace’ type webspace, whereby users devote their own webpage to their vehicle, and are also able to interact with their friends via galleries, forums and chatrooms. These webpages are becoming increasingly popular as Gen Y become increasingly interested in the scene and are boosting their usage.

Of course, all these different sorts of events and clubs may attract different sets of people, so if you are interested in the custom car scene, it is well advisable to look at each of these avenues and explore which best suits you.

And please remember, these people have put a lot of work into their vehicles, so please admire them and remember to respect them at all times.

Get Salvage Cars At A Fraction Of Their Real Price

The world’s replete with car lovers who get the ultimate high as they position themselves behind the steering wheel of their favorite car. This spirited lot will be glad to know that there now exist auction sites, which sell all kinds of automobiles to their bidders. Visit any such site and you will be overawed by the different types of machines that will be lined up to go under the hammer. There are prime attractions in the form of SUVs, Classic Cars, ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and RVs (Recreational Vehicles).

Salvage Cars and their different categories

Auction sites also give their bidders the privilege to consider their preferences by sorting the cars out as per their brands. A leading auction site shall have all the leading brands like Audi, Buick, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Mazda,, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen.

The categorization does not end here. Cars are also divided into different categories in accordance with their efficiency and condition. So, on one hand, there will be convertibles and roadsters that have incurred very little damage and on the other, there will be those that will have salvage titles affixed to them and will be sold at unbelievably low prices. If you are willing to get all the bulky repair work done on your own, you could well be tempted into buying a salvage car for yourself. Auction sites have no dearth of sources that readily furnish different kinds of salvage cars. While some may have been impounded or recovered from theft, others could have incurred damages through flood, hail storms, etc.

Auctioning of Salvage Cars

As mentioned before, salvage cars can come at extremely reasonable prices. If you have excellent repair skills, you could possibly get your dream car at the fraction of a new car’s price. The thrill of getting such a car can perhaps find a match in the excitement of entering an auction and making as many bids as possible. However, as you think of purchasing a salvage car, your mind may start to doubt whether the car will actually be good enough to take on the road. salvage auto auction sites understand this hesitation of bidders. So, they show no objection if a bidder brings a third party to inspect a salvage car before it is eventually taken home.

Auction sites, in fact, believe in going all out for their bidders who are spared the trouble of taking their vehicle home on their own. The arrangements for shipment are done by the auction site itself.

Bidders likely to get hooked on SUVs

Salvage cars come in different varieties and the bidders of an auction could easily get attracted to SUV’s. The best SUV’s in the United States include the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox and the Ford Explorer, and these are likely to be available on car auction sites. If you are lucky enough, you can place bids on SUV’s of different models, makes, colors and price ranges. Again, if you have what it takes to completely rebuild an SUV, the world’s your oyster. Visit a trusted auction site and you will see multiple images of any SUV that you wish to buy. Zoom in on the images and see them from different angles.

To say that this entire concept of selling different types of cars through auction is exciting is an understatement. Think about it! You can get just about any car that you are fond of at just the fraction of the real price and after you have renovated it, you can continue using it until your preferences change again.

Car Insurance – Know More About Premiums and Accountability

Auto insurance is a great liability unless you manage it well. In an effort to improve their driving skills and prevent accidents, many drivers now show enthusiasm in installing monitors that can record their driving habits. Though major accidents are a rare occurrence, you still have to cover your smaller losses and it pays to know about your extent of insurance cover.

You must take precautions about the insurance companies as well, as we have witnessed extraordinary cases, reported in the social media, where insurance companies supported the opposite party to absolve themselves of heavy liability to their own insurance client.

Your driving record is directly proportional to the insurance premiums you pay. Some ingenious entrepreneur has developed an innovative calculator that calculates 14 categories of driving violations that result in an increase in premium, starting with reckless driving reportedly accounting for a 22% increase, while seat belt violations cost you a 3% enhancement.

You must also consider the risks of renting your car to rank outsiders even on the reliable assurance of specialist auto insurers that will do all the background check for you and offer a real insurance cover of US dollar one million for accident costs. But consider what would happen if there were more claimants (those who shared the rented car) in the accident, which pushes up the claim well over the agreed $ 1 million, and puts the car owner under risk of liability for the sum that exceeds the agreed amount. You must therefore exercise utmost caution and fret about the implications of liability insurance before you rent the car to others.

Remember, your normal insurance company will not reimburse you if an accident occurs, which is why you went after the specialist insurers for renting insurance. When you rent the car out you cannot dismiss the unexpected presence of shared passengers or an accident that may result in the unfortunate death of a third party that puts your liability even more at risk.

When looking for car insurance, remember that it is not only your driving record that counts for the premium increase, but also the type of car you intend to buy, and that model’s crash frequency figures, repair estimates, cost of full replacement and the record of claims for injuries.

The concept of car rentals on sharing basis is catching on fast, both from the point of view of the total absence of liability of not owning a car, and the several benefits associated with this move that prompts people to cut their risks and liabilities by owning less property.