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A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Decent Car at a Decent Price

Purchasing an auto can be maddening for ladies. Ladies need to be additional vigilant because they never know when the salesman might try and exploit them.

If a girl fails to take defensive measures, she could finish up being another trusting victim of a sales spiel from an automobile dealer. In this piece, I’ll debate some pointers that women can take to make themselves safer from vehicle sales folk. Shop on the internet. How about buying your next vehicle online? This protects you from any salesperson ( or lady ), who attempts to convince you to buy a vehicle from them. Take some time and look so long as you like because there will not be any one rushing you. Your personal computer doesn’t care what sort of automobile you buy. And you will possibly find some wonderful deals online too. Take somebody with you. If you loathe the concept of buying a car online then be at liberty to visit a vehicle agency. But take somebody with you. This may be any one.

The real reason to take somebody with you is so they can distract the salesman, which gives you more time to think on whether you need to purchase the automobile. Perhaps take along your 12 years old child, and have him ask the vehicle dealer different questions. Or bring your husband with you. It particularly helps if he is the frightening type. No salesperson will need to offend him, and you’ll feel less pressured to get an automobile you do not need. You can also take one of your squeezes with you. If the salesman is a person than your girl might be in a position to distract him by flirting with him even though, that may also buy you more time to think about your purchase. Show explanation of less expensive costs. Do your research and prove to the salesperson that you have found the same auto at other dealers for far less. Ask the salesman if he will lower the cost of the car based on your research. If the salesman says no then threaten to go some place else.

I am gambling the salesperson will surrender to your demands. Be informed about autos. Being well informed about automobiles is comparable to showing evidence that you found a cheaper car at another dealer. But rather than just knowing about costs, you need to know how autos work. I do not say you need to be an expert at it, just know enough about vehicles to be ready to ask the salesman some decent questions. This proves that you know what you are talking about, and the salesman will generally have a more deferential angle towards you. If you are a girl who wants to get an automobile then ensure you go about it the correct way.

When done properly buying an auto could be a straightforward process. If the right steps are taken then the auto purchasing process can really be fun for a girl.

The Green Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Motor Show is also known as the Salon International de l’Auto. Each year in March, auto aficionados, car makers, auto journalists, and just about everybody in the auto industry all trudge up to the city of Geneva in Switzerland. You see, this auto show is one of the largest gatherings of everybody in the industry.

For years, this auto show has showcased almost all kinds of vehicles and automobiles. It has also been the place wherein great vehicles have been unveiled. It has also become the venue for the boasting of automakers of tons of concept vehicles and production vehicles.

This year, it does look like the Geneva Auto Show has gone with what the auto industry is clamoring for and they are going to be dwelling on green vehicles, green techniques, and everything environment friendly that could be used in the industry. And journalists are saying that such can be because the auto makers themselves are making the move towards creating greener vehicles that would battle out the pollution issue that has been quite hot in the past few months.

It sure does look like the Geneva Auto Show is going green. In fact, at the days meant for the media, the organizers of the show did state that they would be looking into new vehicle models that are greener as well as looking into new green technologies. “This time we will have an environmental show in Geneva,” shares Willi Dietz. Dietz is an expert from the Nuertingen University of Germany and he looks into the trends going in the car industry. So most possibly, if a vehicle can be equipped with tail lights or catalytic converters that would not add to the pollution or the additional heat to the environment, most auto makers would be going for such.

What vehicles would possibly be joining in the show? It does look like the Toyota Motor Corporation would be joining in with its new concept car named the Hybrid X and this one is said to come using an electric motor and would be getting its power from a battery. Honda would also be showing off a new concept vehicle that comes as a hybrid sports car. Daihatsu would also be showing of its environment friendly small car named the Cuore.

Volvo YCC Concept Car Receives 2006 Swedish Design Award

The Volvo YCC Concept Car has been one of those concept cars ever created that has certainly grabbed the attention not only of automobile enthusiasts and fans but also of organizations that try to look at exemplary and exceptional designs. That is most certainly why the Volvo YCC Concept Car received the 2006 Swedish Design Award.

The 2006 Swedish Design Award’s jury wanted to actually honor and give recognition to practical design as well as to excellent problem-solving creations that use such practical design as a method. All nominated designs would be actually put on display this coming autumn in the House of Sweden which is the new Swedish embassy complex located in Washington, D.C.

So what is the Volvo YCC Concept Car? Well, actually, YCC stands for Your Concept Car. It is Volvo Car Corporation’s attention-grabbing concept car. One very unique thing about this car is that it has been designed, planned, and created by a team comprised of women. There were no men in the team. This Volvo YCC has certainly taken the attention of the whole world ever since its unveiling during the Geneva car show held last March 2004.

The Volvo YCC has also been one of the most awarded concept cars around. Aside from the 2006 Swedish Design Award given by the Swedish Advertisign Association and SVID, this vehicle has also received other awards like the Golden Spark Plug given by the Swedish Automobile Association last April 2003, the Best Concept Car given by design master Ross Lovegrove last March 2004, the best Design in Show given by the New York Daily News last April 2004, the Women of the Year award given by the Swedish magazine Damernas Varld last December 2004, the Woman of the Year award given by the motoring magazine Automotive News Europe last May 2005, the Andre Award given by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office last April 2005, the Golden Globe award given by the World Media Festival for the film made about the YCC last June 2005, and the Torsten and Wania Soderberg design award last December 2005.