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New York International Auto Show to Host Ford’s Concept Cars

Motor shows have always been one of the foremost gatherings that auto makers take advantage of so as to showcase the advances they have made in the design and performance of their vehicles. More often than not, a motor show is characterized by an influx of concept vehicles.

This type of vehicles is designed using cutting edge design concepts, advanced engine technology and would also come loaded with futuristic features. These vehicles are only used to showcase the technologies developed by car manufacturers.

The features shown on these vehicles will only be used on production vehicles after some time. The reason for this is that the features on concept vehicles are significantly expensive to produce. This means that further development is needed to bring down the cost of production of features used on concept vehicles for them to be made available for mass produced vehicles.

The upcoming New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), dubbed as the biggest event of its kind, will be hosting concept vehicles from United States’ second largest car manufacturer, Ford. This year, the Ford Motor Company will be showcasing three concept vehicles – two from Ford and one from Lincoln. All of these three concept vehicles are showing the path that Ford Motor Company is willing to take in the near future.

The first of the three concept vehicles is the Ford Airstream. The design of the concept vehicle is largely influenced by the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” which is a masterpiece done by Stanley Kubrick. The futuristic design of the vehicle is evident in its aluminum finish and radically designed windows and extended windshield. The vehicle is not only futuristic in terms of its exterior looks but also in the way it is powered. The Ford Airstream is a plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell vehicle. This means that aside from the fuel cell, the vehicle is also equipped with a powerful battery pack which provides added power. The vehicle is an electric vehicle in a sense that it runs on electric power alone thus no harmful emission is released.

Another concept vehicle that Ford will be unveiling at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan is the flex fuel vehicle that is the Ford Interceptor. The concept is loosely based on the Ford Mustang and provides just as much power as its cousin. The vehicle runs on E85 which is a combination of 85 percent bio-ethanol and 15 percent conventional gasoline. The bio-ethanol burning engine can produce as much as 400 horsepower. That amount of power could only be stopped by highly efficient brake components like EBC brake pads. To match the power of the vehicle, Ford gives the Interceptor advanced safety features like their patented four-point “belts and suspenders”. For passengers on the second row of seats, the Ford Interceptor provides inflatable safety belts.

Aside from the two concept vehicles from Ford, one of its divisions, Lincoln, also developed a concept vehicle. Lincoln’s MKR Concept is a four-door coupe packed with a long list of luxury features. What the Lincoln MKR brings to the table is the uniqueness of their luxury trims like the leather which is chemical free. The powerplant of the concept is a 3.5-liter V6 engine with twin turbocharger and direct injection feature. The engine runs on gasoline and can produce as much as 415 brake horsepower.

Chrysler Future Hybrid Cars

Chrysler’s Future Hybrid Cars were a big hit at the Last Detroit Auto Show this year.In the next few years we will see many changes in the Auto industry, most drastically will be the move towards the totally Electric Cars and Diesel Hybrid Cars. Detroit has seen the writing on the wall and has started a major move in that direction. This years Detroit Auto show had several new additions to the Hybrid Cars of The Future. The 2008 Hybrid Cars have made an impact but these concept Hybrid Cars from Chrysler blows them away. When you look at these American Hybrid Cars of the Future you can see that the Green Car movement is alive and well in Detroit.

Chrysler’s three electric concept cars were some of the most popular displays at the show. The ecoVoyger was the most elegant of the three, the Jeep Renegade designed for the more rugged green buyer, and the Dodge Zeo appealed the driving enthusiasts in the crowd. Each one had its own driving niche to fill. The Social Impact of Hybrid Cars is plain to see by the amount of interest in Hybrid Cars lately that the general public has shown.

The ecoVoyager has glass roof with a center spine and boat like tail with short body overhangs. It has four seats that are contoured the body and a recessed area in the headliner that directs music to each seat without the need of privet headsets. Why Hybrid Cars Get Great Mileage is because of their duel power system and this Luxury Hybrid Car is no exception. The ecoVoyager has a 268 horsepower electric motor and a driving range that can be extended to 300 miles when combined with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell extender. This Hybrid Car will be high in the List of Hybrid Cars Coming soon. The ease of entry is achieved by front doors that open top 90 degrees and rear doors that are hinged in the rear and swing to the back. I hope to see more of these Hybrid Cars on the road not just on stage.

The Jeep Renegade has a 1.5 liter three cylinder Diesel Engine that charges the battery pack for an extended range of 400 miles that should make any off road lover smile. The Renegade has two electric motors one on each axle that are 200 hundred kilowatt putting out 268 hp. The drive train comes complete with a low range gear and locking differentials. Rubber clad headlights and tail lights add to it’s rugged off road look. When you see this vehicle you know its not your ordinary Diesel Hybrid Car. The Renegade will not be on the list of Luxury Hybrid Cars but it fits the niche it was designed for quite well. The features on the Renegade will be a bench mark for Off Road Hybrid Cars to aspire to.

Inside the interior we have a one piece co-molded instrument panel covered with a urethane skin and the steering wheel is made of light weight silicone and aluminum.

Chrysler has built this car to go almost anywhere and have the same long range capabilities as any normal gas powered vehicle. This Chrysler marvel has all the Benefits of Hybrid Cars and Off Road Capabilities combined.

The Chrysler ZEO (short for zero emissions) is just that thanks to a single 200 kilowatt 268 hp electric motor that is powered by a 64 kilowatt battery pack, that makes this car an All Electric Car. The car has a range of 250 miles and a purposed 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds. As you can see in the picture it has four scissor doors with the rear doors pivoting to the back and away from the rear seats for easy entry.

A narrow console sweeps down from the windshield to the rear giving a twin cockpit effect. The dashboard is a wide sloping fabric covered curved piece that travels past the front door into the back panels with wonderful uniformity. The windshield, steering wheel, and instruments give a single design impression to the passengers. With the low slung sporty look that this car has Seemed to appeal to many of the visitors at the Detroit Auto Show. This could be one of the best non Hybrid Cars of The Future for fun commuting around town. The Tax Rebate on both Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars Gives added incentive for everyone to take a second look at these cars in the future.

The Auto Industry and the Recession

The world is continuously changing and the auto industry is always in flux. The Big 3 has been on a downfall for a long time. Their focus is always on making quick money with short term gains. They are not smart enough to focus on the future and they ignore the issues at hand. Its funny how all of the other car companies do not need a bail out plan because they have been planning for long term gains. This means that import companies have been putting a lot of money into research and development to make a cleaner and more cost efficient car. however, The BIG 3 seem to have ignored this issue for a long time and are now feeling the effects. My father has been employed by the auto industry for years, 23 to be exact and now even with his seniority he is at risk of losing his job.

The Big 3′s focus seems to be on their trucks, which they make big money off of from sales and repairs. everything about their trucks are costly and they are only now attempting to make them more fuel efficient. What confuses me is that these CEO do not listen to their customers and I am not even in shock that they are doomed to fail. But, there is a bright side though out this gloomy economic situation. These auto industry workers like me and my father are now able to actually take out life into our own hands. We now have the time and ability to learn something new and to make good money. The problem is that most people refuse to learn a new thing. After my release from the auto industry in June 23 2008 I stumbled upon a simple concept, work at home. But, what exactly does working at home entail? if you are like most people you are skeptical about working at home because of the massive amounts of scams that are available upon the internet and I will admit I have been scammed multiple times. However, most people need to fail before they can succeed.

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