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Water4Gas – Is it Possible to Run Your Car on Water?

I think you have already noticed that gas prices go up every day. But is there a way to combat it? Is there a way to increase your gas mileage or save your money on gas? The answer is yes. Ozzie Freedom has created a system which is called Water4Gas. This system allows you to use water as a supplement fuel source for your car. This technology allows you to save over 50% on fuel costs, increase gas mileage and stop air pollution. Believe it or not, but some customers have experienced 80% increase in gas mileage.

Water4Gas is based on a simple concept. HHO which is also known as hydrogen could be easily produced from water and be used to power your car. I know that many people don’t believe in this however Ozzie Freedom – the inventor of this system even meets up with his customers and shows them his water-burning hybrid car based on the water4gas technology.

One of the biggest advantages of water4gas is that it can be easily installed in every car regardless to it’s type, age etc. This system works on all types of vehicles. Moreover, you don’t need to have any special knowledge to install it, just follow step by step instructions, blueprints and video lessons and you will set it up within no time at all.
If you think that this technology can somehow damage your car, don’t worry, it can’t. Moreover you can remove it when you want without leaving a trace.

So, if you are ready to forget about fuel prices, if you are ready to increase your gas mileage using water4gas technology, than this is what you need. Just visit the link below to learn more about this amazing system.

Car Bras For New Fashion

Anytime you hit the road, your vehicle faces rocks, debris, bugs and many other enemies that are waiting to lay waste to your hood and grille. Safeguard your sensitive leading-end paint with a car bra, sometimes known as a car mask or front end mask, to:

- Preserve like-new paint

- Ensure resale value

- Eliminate worry from dings and dents

- Sport classic race-inspired looks that virtually scream speed

A guide to protecting your paint with a car bra

Your vehicle’s front end is confronted by a barrage of attackers every day. Whether it’s tire-tossed rocks, flying debris or exploding bugs, your paint ends up bearing the brunt of your commute. The results can be distressing: dings in your grille detail, chipping of your paint layers, and evil scratches. Not only are they unsightly, these damage marks also invite rust underneath your paint.

To stop this process, car bras employ thick vinyl material for deflecting these airborne adversaries away from your vehicle’s finish. Small dings and scratches can’t get through your car bra’s outer layer, leaving your paint pristine.

Car bras protect your finish underneath the vinyl layer, too. They employ soft, paint-safe linings that pamper your vehicle and complete the network of protection over your front end. When installed properly, the quality protective outer layer, soft inner lining and custom-tailored fit ensure perfect front-end paint condition. You get like-new looks, boosted resale value and extra satisfaction with your vehicle.

Each type of car bra has its own unique set of upsides to choose from:

Full front end car bras

The original bra design is still overwhelmingly popular with today’s cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans.

These bras offer complete shielding for your vehicle’s front end and look great, too. They employ separate pieces for the hood and grille/bumper sections of the bra, allowing full engine compartment access. Plus, they’re designed to accommodate whatever factory air dams, pop-up headlights and driving/fog lamps your vehicle uses.

Sport bras

Same paint-protecting concept in a smaller-scale version. Sport bras fit just the leading end of the hood of your vehicle, stopping paint damage in the most commonly attacked area. The popular feature of sport bras is they allow the original looks of your vehicle to show through. And, they feature the same custom-tailored crafting as a full front end bra.

T-style bras

Designed from the same concept as sport bras, T-style bras stand guard over the larger hoods of trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans. Because these autos have raised hoods and significantly more vulnerable paint, T-style bras cover the leading edge and the center of the hood, stretching from front to back. They attach in much the same way as a sport bra and allow full hood access.

How much of your front end do you want to cover?

Each style and shape of car bra covers a different amount of the front end of your vehicle. The more paint your car bra covers, the more paint is protected. The less area the bra covers, the more your vehicle’s original looks can show through. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

When you want to cover the most possible area of your vehicle’s front end, select a full front end car bra If you want to protect the most vulnerable paint on your front end and still show the original looks of your vehicle, pick a sport bra To safeguard the exposed, sensitive hood of your truck, SUV, van or minivan, grab a T-style bra.

Although this might sound like more fashion information than the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, I’m convinced that car bras serve many purposes and will continue to be a hot dress-up item for vehicles in the future….:)

Current Car Designs Are Boring – We Want Unique Cars Back!

Driving down the road on any given day you’ll see a myriad of different cars and trucks. But they all look the same. ‘Hey, there goes a Town & Country! No, wait – that’s a Grand Caravan. Or is it a Voyager?”

Most vehicles made now days are just one vehicle re-badged for different companies. Original, huh?

We need some new style in the automotive industry. We need originality that we used to have. Like in the 1960′s when originality was a huge part of vehicle design.

We need more cars like the Chrysler Crossfire, or the Ford Mustang, or the Dodge Viper, or any car that is unique and stands out in a crowd. That’s the kind of car that people want to buy. Not some cookie cutter minivan with sixteen DVD players and comfortable seating for 43,000 adults.

I might have exaggerated that minivan part a bit, but I don’t think so.

Maybe now that GM and Chrysler are restructuring and formulating new plans to stay in business they’ll consider making their vehicles look different. Chrysler has a new partnership with Fiat, which will hopefully bring some new life into the battered industry. Fiat has some nice automobiles, not my style, but nice cars none the less.

Another thing that would be nice is to actually release more of the concept cars we see at the auto shows. Usually they just release a slightly different version of a car they’ve always had. Like the Ford Taurus. I liked it when they called it the Ford Five-Hundred.

Chrysler has had some seriously awesome concept cars lately, but a whopping 0 of them actually turned into purchasable cars. Most of them never even got considered for production.

So when you’re thinking of buying a brand new car, look for one that looks different and original. The more people that go for the unique, the more diversity we’ll have on the road and thus, better looking cars will be made.