Auto Interior Concept Books

Why Use a Concept Book

Putting ideas together in a book or collection is not a new concept. People have been doing this for ages from the new bathroom remodel to the landscape in the backyard. I haven’t seen it done too often with auto interiors. I’ve also seen a lot of people unhappy because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted, mostly due to mis communication.

I run an auto interior business and If a customer doesn’t bring in pictures we always make an internet search part of the design process. It’s too difficult to get into someone else’s mind. A good concept book gives focus and direction to your project and helps the designer/upholsterer get a better grasp on what you really want.

I love when a customer comes in with a hand full of pictures of what they want and don’t want in their interior project. Most of the time we come out of the design meeting with fresh ideas inspired by the book without copying someone else’s designs directly. Custom interiors should be custom to the owner of the vehicle and their personality and style.

What is a Concept Book?

A concept book doesn’t even have to be a book, maybe it’s a computer file or a folder full of pictures and upholstery material ideas. I’ve had customers come in to a design meeting with pictures saved to their phone. Whatever works for you, is what works for me. It’s always easier for the auto interior designer to have an idea of what you want and even what you don’t want. The communication will be so much clearer and you are far less likely to be disappointed because the picture in your mind translated to something different when you explain your concept to the designer or upholsterer.

What to Include in a Concept Book

Some things that you should keep in your “book” are definitely color ideas and color combinations that you are thinking about. This will narrow down the fabric choices you have to make with the upholsterer and they will more than likely know what fabrics to show you based on your color choices without wasting your time and theirs looking at things you don’t want. Upholstery material type and fabric texture is also something to consider. After all, a high shine vinyl will have a different effect than antique leather.

Save lots of pictures of different interior ideas from the internet and magazines, this is probably where most of your ideas will come from. The beauty of auto interior design is that it can be applied to any type of vehicle. What looks good in a new model BMW will look just as good in a 46 Chevy, Ford, etc. so look at everything.

Other sources of Inspiration

If you can make it to a car show in your area, I highly recommend it. Car shows can give you lots of ideas and inspiration for your project and the best part is you can meet the car owners and get their advice too. Anyone you meet at a car show is a good reference. It’s a given that they love cars and more than likely they like talking about their car and any new car projects that might be coming up (your car). Most of these guys and ladies have built a car or two and will probably have pointers for you beyond just your interior concept. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s experience than your own hindsight, they will also have leads on good mechanic’s, paint & body shops and upholstery shops in your area. So have fun, look around, take pictures and then get started!

Steal a Look at Volvo’s Upcoming All-New C30

The new Volvo C30, which is the latest car of Volvo Car Corporation, will be officially released this September at the prestigious Paris Motor Show. In preparation for said grand event, Volvo has recently released the official photos of its new car.

Volvo C30′s design is evocative of the C30 Design Concept which was revealed at the Detroit Motor Show early this year. Said car retains the sporty and aggressive character of Volvo. It also features an exceptional frameless glass tailgate, solid stance and the broad shoulders that have become Volvo’s hallmark.

According to Fredrik Arp, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation, “the new C30 is an ambitious new car for Volvo. It is a car that aims for a group of young singles, or couples, with intense urban lifestyles. These people prioritize excitement in design and driving characteristics, and this car should suit their varied tastes perfectly.”

“The new Volvo C30 plays an important role in our push towards a volume of 600,000 cars a year. We are broadening our model program to make it possible for new, younger customers with an intense, urban lifestyle to choose a Volvo with the right appeal as early as possible,” Arp added.

In addition, Steve Mattin, design director of Volvo noted, “the C30 has plenty of muscles in a sporty and compact package. Anyone who recalls the Volvo SCC (Safety Concept Car) or the classic P1800ES will recognize the exclusive and convenient rear tailgate. The distinctive tail lamps ensure that no one will be uncertain about which car they are following.”

All-new Volvo C30, which is the smallest in Volvo’s model range, has 218 horsepower to the front wheels. It is powered by a turbocharged inline five-cylinder engine that produces 236 pound-feet of torque. It also has four sport bucket seats positioned comfortably inside the car, 160-watt stereo system, and other Volvo car parts and accessories that imply Volvo’s excellence and style.

Discount Auto Insurance – New Mobile Telephone Technology

There are many parents who would be grateful to give their teenagers a mobile telephone that couldn’t be used while driving. Now some companies say they have come up with a devise to make it available, but they appear to be relying on hopeful thinking.

One new technology to land on the shelves, is $10-a-month software by WQN Inc. based out of Dallas, it can disable a mobile phone while its owner is driving. It uses GPS technology, which can determine the speed a person is moving. But it can not determine if the person is driving – and therefore it can unwantingly lock a phone. WQN, who offers cellular phones and Internet security software for sale under the name WebSafety, says it had about 50 customers sign up for service during there first month.

Aegis Mobility, a software company based in Canada, plans to start offering a similar Global Positioning System-based devise this autumn, known as DriveAssistT. Aegis is speaking to big U.S. wireless telephone companies, who they need to support the software and charge customers a fee of around $10 to $20 a month, said the company’s vice president, David Teater.

The DriveAssistT system will cut off a mobilephone at driving speeds and relay a message to callers or texters saying the mobilephone they are trying to get in touch with is currently driving. But because that individual could be a passenger in the automobile, this might not exactly solve the problem.

Other concepts or products that don’t involve GPS systems have flaws of their own. As a result, Parry Aftab, adviser to families on tech issues and safety, suggests concerned parents should figure out another way to stop their teenagers from calling or texting while driving. Parents would be better off taking away a teenagers cellular if they are not using it properly, she said. discount auto insurance may be possible in the future if a devise is made to stop cell phone use while driving.

Growing concerns around driving while gabbing or texting on a mobile phone in mounting, even if using Bluetooth technology, is extremely dangerous. The National Safety Council said just this month that cell phone use should be totally banned while driving. The stats show a higher risk of accidents and deaths one driving will using a phone and one of the best ways to get inexpensive auto insurance is to have a clean record.

Currently there are at least 18 states restricting cell phone use – texting or talking- for some or all drivers, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Even with these laws in place it hardly prevents motorists especially young drivers from using their cell phones while driving.

It’s critical for parents to ask themselves whether they want to prohibit their teenager’s activities in this way. Your child might not be driving, but instead sitting on a train, bus or be a passenger in a buddy’s automobile.

Smart kids will always discover a way to get around technology, it’s human nature to try to defeat the system. Instead, try to educate your children about the dangers of combining phones with driving.