The BMW I8 Concept: A Luxury Hybrid

For those familiar with the global automotive scene, then you will most likely know what a concept car is like. If not, then for your information, concept cars are essentially designs from the different car manufacturing companies that give us an idea on what to expect from cars in the future. Usually, the most intriguing concept cars come from the German and the Japanese car companies. This is because they are the ones who usually come up with the most realistic and the most captivating designs in the industry. One concept car that stands out from the rest is the BMW i8, also known as the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics. It is part of BMW’s “Project i” and was initially unveiled in 2011 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Project i is what BMW deems to be the next prominent hallmark in the company’s already illustrious history. Its main objective is to introduce the new type of car, intent on revolutionizing the whole industry. The BMW i8, identified as new luxury car by many critics is expected to go into production by this year.

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Korean Car Designers Set To Conquer Auto Industry

The auto industry has always been known to be a dynamic industry. Year in and year out, car makers look for ways to improve their production vehicles. They focus not only on the performance of their car but also in the looks of these automobiles.

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Fuel Efficient Cars At The Geneva Auto Show

The current biggest issue in the automotive industry is how to produce vehicles which will help in the protection of the environment. Global warming is an issue that has to be addressed immediately and car makers are joining the fray to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being produced by vehicles. Hybrid cars, flex-fuel vehicles, and fuel cell powered vehicles – these are just some of the technologies being developed by auto makers in an effort to decrease the dependency on the non-renewable source of energy that is the fossil fuel.

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