Mercedes Concept A-Class Transcends Earthly Realm

Mercedes-Benz is calling the car its “Concept A-Class,” but in all likelihood this car will be built or something very close to it. Without benefit of being able to show you a picture means that my words will have to sketch in your mind what this vehicle will look like. Importantly, I must explain the importance of bringing such a vehicle to market.

Auto Show Stopper

Scheduled to debut at auto shows in Shanghai and in New York this month, the Concept A-Class is a subcompact three-door hatchback with a long hood, narrow side windows and a tapered rear deck. Seating four passengers, the concept sits on huge wheels and is powered by its front wheels. Underneath its hood, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder direction injection engine resides, paired with a dual clutch transmission. This car is all about presenting an athletic look and backing it up with a compact engine that can move it with authority.

Inside, the concept evokes an airliner theme, with an aircraft styled dashboard, thrust lever and a center stack resembling the flight control panel you’d see on a commercial jet. In an unusual touch, Mercedes has made the dials shine bright red, evoking comparisons to the afterburners on a jet. Inside and out, you get the feeling that this car is fast and won’t play second fiddle to anything else on the road.

Cabin Seat Comfort

Seating four passengers, the Concept A-Class offers a non-skid storage area immediately behind the rear seats. All four seat placements are bucket seats, demonstrating Mercedes’ interest in offering individual seating comfort. This car features integrated smartphone technology and a three-dimensional center stack screen for navigation and entertainment purposes.

Getting the Concept A-Class to market shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Whether it’ll look like the car on display at auto shows in 2011 remains to be seen. Daimler AG, parent of Mercedes-Benz, will be gauging customer reaction. Likely, the footprint for this concept will underpin whatever M-B builds, with some smoothing out of the lines and calming down of the interior, but not by much. After all, Mercedes is in this market to win it, and it won’t do so by playing it safe.

Build It, Buy It

Mercedes has been building subcompact cars for years and selling these models in Europe. In America, small, premium cars haven’t been offered, because consumer tastes have always centered on cars that are big, roomy and powerful. With gas prices pushing near record levels, the trend to smaller, premium cars appears to be catching on. If M-B decides to build the Concept A-Class, chances are consumers will buy it.

Factors That Affect Affordable Auto Insurance

While going online and finding affordable auto insurance seems easy, there are actually numerous factors that can make the whole concept of car insurance even more complicated. There are factors that affect collision insurance, and there are factors that affect comprehensive car insurance. It’s a lot to take in, really, but when the basics are laid out for you, you’ll be catching the drift in no time, so to speak. Here are a few factors that affect car insurance costs, separated in three categories.

Controllable Factors

Controllable factors are those that you can manipulate to your advantage. For instance, installing antitheft measures and having a garage to park your vehicle at night can reduce the cost of comprehensive car insurance. Passing driving courses, students maintaining good grades at school, and keeping a clean driving record can make you eligible for discounts. Keeping a low mileage can also bring down your car insurance costs. Adding family members into your policy and/or obtaining car insurance with your home or life insurance provider can give you discounts as well.

Uncontrollable Factors

Uncontrollable factors include those that affect your insurance costs in an indirect way. If your area has high theft rates, constant riots, rampant road kills, and bad hailstorms, then your comprehensive car insurance costs will rise. Also, if there are a lot of vehicular accidents in your area, you will have difficulties finding affordable auto insurance. Since these factors are based on statistics, there’s nothing you can do about these factors. However, there are still controllable factors that you can manipulate to offset the effects of the uncontrollable factors.

Seemingly Absurd Factors

Believe it or not, but there are factors that insurance companies tie in to your insurance quotes. For instance, married couples have cheaper car insurance than unmarried ones. One probably theory is that the union of two souls is also a union of two policies, which indeed will mark down the car insurance costs. Another factor is occupation, where insurance companies favor teachers and other non-stressful jobs. They say that stressed drivers are more likely to get into accidents. Also, the school’s parking places supposedly make teachers’ vehicles safe from vandals hence cutting down on comprehensive car insurance.

Finding an affordable car insurance does not guarantee that you will have cheap car-insurance. A lot of factors can change those quotes AFTER you found them. To avoid it, talk to the various insurance companies that you think are cheap. Ask them of discounts, negotiate the terms of comprehensive car insurance, or simply haggle with the premium and deductible ratio. To ensure you have cheap insurance, find quotes online and talk to the companies that shows promise.

A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Decent Car at a Decent Price

Purchasing an auto can be maddening for ladies. Ladies need to be additional vigilant because they never know when the salesman might try and exploit them.

If a girl fails to take defensive measures, she could finish up being another trusting victim of a sales spiel from an automobile dealer. In this piece, I’ll debate some pointers that women can take to make themselves safer from vehicle sales folk. Shop on the internet. How about buying your next vehicle online? This protects you from any salesperson ( or lady ), who attempts to convince you to buy a vehicle from them. Take some time and look so long as you like because there will not be any one rushing you. Your personal computer doesn’t care what sort of automobile you buy. And you will possibly find some wonderful deals online too. Take somebody with you. If you loathe the concept of buying a car online then be at liberty to visit a vehicle agency. But take somebody with you. This may be any one.

The real reason to take somebody with you is so they can distract the salesman, which gives you more time to think on whether you need to purchase the automobile. Perhaps take along your 12 years old child, and have him ask the vehicle dealer different questions. Or bring your husband with you. It particularly helps if he is the frightening type. No salesperson will need to offend him, and you’ll feel less pressured to get an automobile you do not need. You can also take one of your squeezes with you. If the salesman is a person than your girl might be in a position to distract him by flirting with him even though, that may also buy you more time to think about your purchase. Show explanation of less expensive costs. Do your research and prove to the salesperson that you have found the same auto at other dealers for far less. Ask the salesman if he will lower the cost of the car based on your research. If the salesman says no then threaten to go some place else.

I am gambling the salesperson will surrender to your demands. Be informed about autos. Being well informed about automobiles is comparable to showing evidence that you found a cheaper car at another dealer. But rather than just knowing about costs, you need to know how autos work. I do not say you need to be an expert at it, just know enough about vehicles to be ready to ask the salesman some decent questions. This proves that you know what you are talking about, and the salesman will generally have a more deferential angle towards you. If you are a girl who wants to get an automobile then ensure you go about it the correct way.

When done properly buying an auto could be a straightforward process. If the right steps are taken then the auto purchasing process can really be fun for a girl.